Our Philosophy Our Philosophy

Indo-Scottish World School is a meticulous symbiosis of two educational philosophies ­– both ancient and the modern – coupled with a unique environment that can offer your child a quality of education which is simply unsurpassable. Our modern school has been founded on the best of Indian and Scottish education practices which are intended to be as practical as they are progressive.

Our Heritage Our Heritage

It has been said that the Indian education system took root during the ancient Vedic period. Veda means knowledge and the Vedic system incorporated 1,800 different philosophies of teaching. Thereon, the primary aim of Vedic education was to ignite the physical, moral and intellectual development of a child to ensure he/she functions effectively in a changing world.

Scottish education, on the other hand, has a long distinct pedigree which is more comprehensive than anywhere in Europe. Scottish education has gained a reputation for being dynamic with a highly equitable curriculum being built constantly in its schools.

Our Ethos Our Ethos

So what makes Indo-Scottish school different from other schools?

We are a learner-centric school and therefore, place the needs of every learner at the center of our entire approach to learning. All our students are provided with a holistic environment that is dedicated to meeting their specific needs. Besides strengthening the moral and ethical fiber of every student, our school offers a vibrant learning environment thus encouraging excellence in every facet of a child’s educational journey. Moreover, we do not have the trappings of a conventional school and are continually responsive to the changing dynamics of the education system. To sum it up – we are 100 percent committed to ensuring that the total student experience is a happy, fulfilling and enriching one.

A Supportive Approach to Learning

At the Indo-Scottish Global School, we believe education plays a vital role in empowering young people to wrest control of their lives. Hence, we aspire to lay the appropriate foundation by building our school around four important pillars – Infrastructure, Curriculum, Teacher, and Assessment. We strive to bring together & fortify these four pillars with an intent to create a memorable educational journey and outcome for our learners.

Our Principles


These four principles are the mantra of our success. At the Indo-Scottish Global school, all our learners are provided with numerous opportunities to develop their life skills which is another reason why we start identifying & unearthing their talent at a young age. Thereon, our dream is to nurture & condition those diverse strengths so that our learners will be inspiring young world citizens who are empowered to make a difference. Ultimately, our goal is to help the child be the best they can be and aid them in achieving the highest standards in everything they set themselves to do. These four elements help give our institution a unique distinctiveness as a learning establishment and help define our student community.

Our Pathway to Success

We consider ourselves fortunate to have on-board, excellent and dedicated staff, who work hard to support and encourage our learners. We adopt a unique approach to teaching – Our learners will find a mother in every teacher who will teach them to be kind, gracious, strong, and independent citizens of society. Our experienced and well-qualified teachers will see that their talents are properly honed which will assist in the development of character and self-belief.

Individuality is a trait which needs to be celebrated and not curtailed. If there is a particular talent that runs in a family’s gene-pool and a child showcases a genetic predisposition to excel in that field, we help nurture that talent to truly unlock a child’s potential. Our teaching staff also provides encouragement and appropriate guidance to the child so that he/she embraces his own individuality and carves a niche for him/herself.

By making our learners understand appropriate concepts and processes, they will be able to apply knowledge and skills by thinking and acting confidently, imaginatively, creatively and with sensitivity. Our ultimate aim is to create well-rounded, culturally adjusted learners who can adapt quickly, positively, and appropriately to changing circumstances around them. Our team works with both our learners and parents with an intent to create a dynamic and progressive community and we invite you to be a part of our memorable journey.

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